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Wednesday, Dec 06,2017

Photo Cred: Blanco Now …ask yourself …what look you’re trying to achieve and how your current sink works or doesn’t work for you. Me, I have the white Blanco Performa cascade sink like this one with a white counter. I LOVE the size of it and the little extra shelf and am a true convert from a double to a single sink! Which one is for you?! Diane

Photo Cred: INTEGRATED DRAINBOARD Offered in single or multiple bowl and in stainless or silgranit these sinks are great for a built in drainboard. In silgranit, since it’s heat resistant, you can rest your hot pots on here! (clapping) Fantastic for a dramatic architectural wow factor but you are making a serious commitment here because you lose an extra bit of counter space.

Photo Cred: Kohler

Photo Cred: Kohler DOUBLE BOWL – Offset The good old 1 ½ bowl is great for smaller counter areas where you want 2 bowls for multi functioning but don’t have the space. Creates a larger work area inside one bowl while still allowing a small extra space. Dry a few dishes in here or defrost a smaller item. Sometimes it just ends up holding your soap and sponge.

Photo Cred: Blanco

Photo Cred: Kohler DOUBLE BOWL – Low Divide Hello new and improved Double Bowl! This is almost the best of both: you can still multi task with the 2 bowls but the centre divider is much lower and therefore allows you to wash your cookie sheets hovering over both bowls without soaking the floor. Watch out because you will not be able to fill the sink as high with soapy water for soaking.

Photo Cred: Blanco; Blanco Performa DOUBLE BOWL – Equal Great for multi tasking like defrosting in one sink while washing or rinsing in the other. Do you keep your dirty dishes in the sink while cooking because you can’t deal with them!? (aka Rachel) Keep your drying rack off of your counter by putting one in the second bowl – great for small counters or tidy goals. BUT, you may struggle to get your larger items rinsed and washed in these.

Photo Cred:, sink by Kohler 3.How many Bowls?! Are you a single bowl, double bowl, 1 ½ bowl…. Are you overwhelmed yet? Knowing the right bowl configuration is just like knowing your body type before shopping for clothes… you’ve got to know what you’re work style is like so let’s compare. SINGLE BOWL Great for functionality with large pots/pans and cookie sheets Excellent for those who don’t like to keep dirty dishes in the sink, don’t defrost in the sink and like a feeling of big work area to wash dishes Not so good if you want to multi task or have 2 users at the sink working together on different tasks

Photo Cred: me UNDERMOUNT SINKS The benefits of course are the clean sweep into the sink when you’re wiping your counter but remember when cleaning to get in there where the sink meets the counter! Let’s keep it clean people….

Photo Cred: Blanco; Blanco Precision MicroEdge Single sink Another installation option to the more Micro Edge drop ins, is to cut into the counter and create a flush transition between the sink and counter as shown in the next photo:

Photo Cred: Blanco; Blanco Cerna Fireclay Farmhouse sink 2.Installation Type DROP IN SINKS These have come a long way baby! A standard choice for a Laminate Counter and great option when you want to steal an inch or two of space for small cabinet widths. They are still the standard budget-friendly drop ins which are great sinks but always leave you cursing those crumbs that build up around the edges. For a higher price point you can get into a sleeker design with very thin edge profile, flat bottom and super square corners like this one by Blanco

Photo Cred: Stephanie Buchman Photography, Design by One Three Design Inc – black on black FIRECLAY/CERAMIC Fireclay sinks are made using clay fired at extremely high temperatures and then are polished and sanded using hand finishing techniques resulting in that smooth, shiny finish we know. Fireclay sinks typically come in the Farmhouse style and are truly a statement piece in any kitchen. Not my style but I do appreciate the beauty of these.

Bosco Canada sink SILGRANIT Silgranit is a granite composite created to make a very durable, scratch resistant sink. This material is also heat, stain, impact and chip resistant! So, if you’re tough on your sink or don’t like a bottom grate, this sink material may be the one for you. I clean my white silgranit sink every day with baking soda to maintain the brightness. Silgranit also comes in a variety of colours. Just imagine the options now with combinations of counter and sink that can be created.

Photo Cred: Blanco – white on white

Photo Cred: Blanco Protect your stainless steel sink! Stainless is beautiful but inherently scratches, so using accessories like a bottom grate help avoid the direct contact with dishes which cause scratches.

There are so many decisions to make when renovating a kitchen and one of the biggest one is what type of sink to choose.  With so many options like materials, sizes, & number of bowls…. It’s not surprising that people can get overwhelmed. 

So let’s break this down ….

But First! – measure your cabinet space!  Know what depth and width under the counter is available when shopping and then pay attention to the size of the sinks.  Also keep in mind how much space is left over for the faucet if your sink is up against a wall.  Talk with your sales rep to learn more about finding the right size.



Fantastic neutral look and goes with every style of counter top.

For quality, look for the grade to be 18/8 or 18/10.  This refers to the Chrome/Nickel content in the sink and contributes to the quality the most.  Chrome (aka Chromium) gives the stainless steel its shine and durability) and Nickel gives stainless steel its hardness and therefore strength.  Avoid any stainless steel sinks which stray from that ratio because they will lose their colour and darken over time, and are tougher to clean because they are often dull.

MYTH buster:  The Gauge, or thickness, of the stainless steel is not the test of quality, however, an appropriate gauge for a kitchen/laundry/bar sink is 18-20 Gauge.  (16 is very thick and better for heavy duty uses while 22 is very thin).



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