Pop Pop Popcorn ceilings...

Monday, Sep 05,2016

During a recent meeting with a new client it became clear to us what our next blog topic should be.  Popcorn ceilings and the current desire to have them flattened.

It has become clear that no matter how big or small the renovation is, all of our clients are adding this item to their must do lists.  Why?  Truthfully, because popcorn ceilings are unappealing, however for those of us who are stuck with them, perhaps a kinder reason is because, the look of a flat ceiling offers a higher end aesthetic and an opportunity to paint the ceiling a colour other than white.

It also give you an opportunity to add lighting which is one of the most important factors in room comfort (a future blog topic perhaps).   Another great reason to flatten your ceiling is that they actually appear higher – because of the lack of texture which is more eye-catching, the flat ceilings appear to recede further away and therefore look higher.

Now we cannot attest to the cost a contractor would value his materials and labour at, however we can say that it is a change that doesn’t break the bank.  Sometimes contractors may wish to cover the new ceiling over, however the best way is to scrape off the popcorn texture and reskim the new ceiling.

Some additional ways to treat a ceiling include paneling (squares and patterns) and even bead board as seen in one of our recent projects where we updated an existing sunroom with this cozy ceiling application. 
Whatever your budget or desires may be in a home renovation, if  you are looking for a clean sophisticated look, a good place to invest would be your ceiling…. It is also a great impression on potential buyers that could separate your listing from the rest.

Photo credits: PrettyHandyGirl.com


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