Friday, Jul 29,2016

"What’s in a name?”  Juliet had it right.  And so, we are kicking off our new blog with a story about us and answer to the question we get asked most often… “what’s  One Three?”

One Three Design is named after the number 13. Rachel and Diane both love the number and consider this our lucky charm.  Growing up in different cities and being athletic we both wore #13 on all of our jerseys from an early age and were not afraid of this "unlucky" yet special number.  After meeting at Sheridan’s Interior Design program  we always clicked creatively on projects and found ourselves saying "we should really have a business together".  It wasn't until years later, after working at other great Commercial Interior Design firms that we finally joined forces. Together we haven't looked back since and love every day as we live our dream.

We love working with people.  We go to great lengths to understand our clients, how they use their spaces and what vision they hope to achieve.  Clients will notice we ask a lot of questions…. What do you do in this room?  How do you get ready for work?  How do you like to sit on the sofa?   All of these keys lead us to the final reveal. 

Our goal is to take the inner thoughts of our clients and make them a reality...thoughts that weren't clear to themselves until seeing it all in person. 

There are times when we work long hours, late hours and even questionable hours but the passion never dies. We also like to have fun and create a good balance of fun and hard work.  Our team members Ramita and Lindsay often get pulled into the action and at the end of the day, everyone has laughed and learned something.

Thank you to all of the wonderful clients, consultants and construction teams we have worked with so far.

We hope to continue the magic.

Diane and Rachel


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